Year 1 of Awakening To Our Treasures
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Topic Issue

Faith ~ the Gift of a New Vision  01
New Vision ~ Living the Gift  02
United to Christ ~ Faith Grows  03
Grace ~ The Uncreated Energy of God  04
The Gift of Sacred Scripture ~ The Book of Faith  05
Abraham ~ The Model of Faith


God's Plan of Salvation Revealed


The Person of Christ


Jesus Christ as Presented by the Early Church Councils


Lord Teach Us to Pray


Topic Issue

Portrait of Christ ~ The Beatitudes  11
Iconography ~ Royal Door to the Kingdom  12
Deification ~ Transformed into Christ  13
A New Creation Through Jesus Christ  14
The Oil of Gladness Recreates Us  15
Water ~ Source of New Life  16
Put On Christ ~ Robed in the Garment of Justice  17
Sharing the Light of Christ  18
The Seal of the Gift of the Holy Spirit  19
The Church ~ The Body of Christ  20

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